Chakra Pendulum - Clear Quartz stone

Chakra Pendulum - Clear Quartz stone
Chakra Pendulum - Clear Quartz stone Chakra Pendulum - Clear Quartz stone
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People who use a pendulum believe that the answer to every question an individual may ever ask is already in their subconscious mind. They believe that a pendulum can be used to form a link with this information on a very subtle level. The information a pendulum gives us - usually in the form of 'yes' or 'no' answers - through the manner of its rotation, can then help in pursuits such as finding missing objects, locating ley lines (energy lines in the earth), locating weaknesses or strengths within the human aura and helping us to make decisions.

A pendulum should not be used as a crutch to help us decide every which way to go in life. It should be used with the intention to truly help us grow, always seeking answers that can contribute to the greater good.

If you wanted to, you could use a stone attached to a piece of string as a pendulum. The reason there are different styles and shapes is purely for preference. Simply choose the shape and material that appeals to you. For a crystal pendulum you may choose a stone that has qualities that you wish to see appearing more in your life.

Clear quartz, also called crystal quartz or rock quartz is a wide ranging crystal used in healing. It is often seen as a master crystal and words associated with it are cleansing, psychic, balancing, divine and higher power. As a term clear quartz is used even sometimes when a crystal is not perfectly clear to distinguish it from other quartz based crystals such as citrine or rose quartz.

Dimensions: Total length approximately 26 cms (roughly 10 inches).

The pendulum crystal is made from Clear Quartz and comes in a box with a satin-like material inside. Each crystal bead represents a chakra which can be found labeled on the box.

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