32 inch Crystal Chip Necklace - Lapis Lazuli

32 inch Crystal Chip Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis lazuli: Intuition and Wisdom
Lapis lazuli, or lapis as it's often simply called, is a crystal that's oozing in spiritual energy. In a sense, it's a timeless stone, which symbolises our spiritual selves at their most expansive and wide open state, where we are able to learn anything we desire to know. As a tool, lapis lazuli can act as a reminder to us that the subtle spiritual realms are there and open to connection and exploration.
The energy of the stone reminds us that we really do hold the answers to anything we want to know deep inside ourselves. If you want to know about the meaning of life, or what a certain symbol means, or how to be more intuitive, these answers are really inside you. A teacher may help you sometimes, but ultimately we are the ones who take action. Sometimes, when learning, it is easy to get attached to a certain teacher or set of teachings. Lapis teaches that that can be fine, but we also need to remain open so that other possibilities can enter when needed. Wearing lapis can act as a signal that you're opening yourself up to the power of divine inspiration.

Dimensions: 32 inches (81cm). Most of the chips vary between 4-8mm across.

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