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The earth provides us with an amazing bounty of stunning crystals that each hold their own unique vibration and properties that can benefit us in many ways, including protection, healing, pain relief, detoxing, energizing, calming, manifesting and spiritual enlightenment. We are all now well aware of quantum physics and that we are all vibrational beings and intuitively we may be attracted to a crystal. Ancient healers intuitively knew which crystal to choose and we also have the ability to tune in to the crystal that is best for us at a particular point in time. This may shift as we evolve and change. 

Some crystals, such as Clear Quartz, are a powerful master crystal that can be used for any purpose, as it can attune itself to the specific energy of each being and benefit and balance us at every possible level…emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

However, if you wish to choose a crystal for a particular purpose for either yourself, or a loved one, this brief overview of some of the amazing properties of these crystals may be of help. Otherwise, choose intuitively by feel or colour…you will always pick what’s right for you.

AGATE “Harmony and Joy”

Agate is a soothing, calming stone that helps to harmonize yin-yang energy. It promotes awareness and release of hidden negative emotional energies that are creating disease and imbalance. It heals the heart and promotes acceptance of self and a sense of joy and wellbeing. It is a powerful cleanser spiritually, emotionally and physically and supports the digestive and lymphatic systems and assists skin disorders.

AMETHYST "Protection and Healing”

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It protects us against stress and negative environmental energies.It also balances and calms us mentally and emotionally and helps to alleviate pain and sadness. Use Amethyst to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition and to ease headaches and insomnia. It is beneficial for skin conditions, digestion and respiratory tract ailments.

BLACK OBSIDIAN “Protection and Grounding”

Obsidian is a very powerful and protective stone. It provides deep soul healing and helps to release old emotions and energy blockages. It is also very grounding and protects against environmental pollution and absorbs negative energies from within. Use to relieve tension and blockages such as hardened arteries and arthritis and also to aid digestion.

CLEAR QUARTZ “Amplify and Energize”

The energy of Clear Quartz is a powerful healer and energy amplifier. It energizes our intentions and desires, and sharpens intuition, focus and connection. It also raises our spiritual vibration, expands our biofield and enhances muscle testing. It stimulates the immune system and protects against electromagnetic energy.


The energy of Pearls connect us to the tranquility and flow of life itself. Pearls inspire wisdom, integrity and purity of intent and encourage self-acceptance and appreciation of our inner beauty. Use Pearls to calm stress and breathing issues.

GARNET "Strength and Energy"

Garnet is a regal looking, often translucent crystal. Red garnet has a real depth of colour. If it were a little scarcer it would probably be a really expensive stone. It is a stone of health, physical strength and energy. It helps activate ones internal fire, ones charisma and thirst for life. Garnet is a good stone to wear or have around you when you wish for order and balance in your life. It is a stone of emotional warmth and commitment, often used to demonstrate this between couples.

HEMATITE "Calmness and Clarity"

Essentially, hematite is one of the most grounding crystals. It's got an energy of calmness, balance and clarity and can assist with reducing negativity and re-balancing yourself. As the energy is so peaceful and calming, it's often chosen as an aid for helping sleep difficulties. In the same way, it can also be used for meditation and bringing about a peaceful state and clear mind.

JASPER “Balance and Nurturing”

Jasper support and nurtures us in times of stress and balances and aligns us spiritually, mentally and physically. It aligns the chakras, grounds our energies, balances our emotions and promotes clear thinking.

LAPIS LAZULI "Intuition and Wisdom”

This ancient stone connects us to our intuition and source of wisdom. It is also a very powerful healer, that purifies and cleanses and also offers protection against negative energies. Connect to your inner wisdom!

PYRITE "Self-esteem and Assertiveness"

Pyrite is a great energizer and is beneficial for solar plexus issues relating to personal power. It helps overcome feelings of inadequacy ad low self-esteem and promotes assertiveness and confidence. It also boosts vitality and energy levels, balances hormones, and increases oxygen in the blood. This is also a great manifesting stone that is often associated with money and luck.

RED CORAL“Creativity and Passion”

Red Coral promotes enthusiasm and optimism and vitality. It also stimulates our creativity and attunes us to the earth’s energies and our own innate wisdom. Red Coral stimulates metabolism, circulation and tissue regeneration.

ROSE QUARTZ “Universal Love”

The energy of Rose Quartz helps to soothe, calm and heal emotional pain and grief and to promote forgiveness, compassion and self-love. It also strengthens the circulatory system and heart.

SODALITE “Truth and Synergy”

Sodalite combines logic and intuition to promote synergy and harmony. It enhances spiritual perception, trust in self and alleviates fears. It balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and also blocks electromagnetic emanations from computers.

TURQUOISE “Calm and Clarity”

Use Turquoise Magnesite to clarify direction in life and  promote clear, calm communication and to calm turbulent emotions. It also protects and absorbs negative emotions, stills the mind and relieves insomnia.

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